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When My Dress made Me Cry..

I ordered 3 things from @charlotterusse (aka one of my favorite stores), including a dress, a shirt and a sweater dress. And i was super excited.

20067187_191070414762895_7889025006221393920_nAs you all see, I’m a small and skinny person.
I got my package in the mail today and was super super excited. I ran upstairs and tried on the red dress first.
Well, the dress (size small) fits me perfectly on the bottom part (its a bodycon dress) and I already know I don’t have the best body. I don’t have any curves, or breasts or any butt at all.
And I know that, and I was kinda already getting use to it. And then this dress happened. And I honestly almost started crying because the chest (upper) part of the dress was so baggy.
And I thought to myself. I have no body at all. And how am I suppose to wear this and feel sexy?
I am a small and skinny person but sometimes I struggle with a positive body imagine. And I absolutely hate my body. (Will probably write a blog post about it later)


This was from my recent Instagram Post and here we are on the blog post about this.

I ate dinner after I posted this, leaving my phone to charge and I still felt pretty crappy. After dinner, I immediately went back upstairs and cried. I felt really insecure because the top of the dress was so loose and to me, it wasn’t good enough.

I wanted to get a dress that made me look my age (as a 20 year old in her junior year in college) and to look sexy for myself and also to impress my boyfriend. Even though I don’t really need to impress him, I still like to impress.

And as the night rolled around, I got amazing comments on my IG post. And they made me feel a lot better.

Thank you for sharing your story. I’m so sorry this dress made you feel bad about your body. You are a beautiful person, inside and out. I also appreciate that you bring up an issue often overlooked: self-identified “skinny” people often have poor body image and feel that they are not curvy/sexy/voluptuous/[insert adjective here] enough. Unfortunately, thinner women can be shamed for admitting their body image struggles. These women often hear, “As *if* you had anything to worry about… you’re skinny.” Sadly, poor self-esteem and body shaming is not reserved for any one body type. I am grateful that you brought up the subject and I hope there are some young ladies out there who feel less alone after seeing your post. Proud of you, sista. 💜 – Weld Like A Girl

And She has an amazing point. When you think of negative body image, it’s always about “obesity” or “overweight” women. Like my friend said, if I were to complain about my body, I’d get a “well at least your skinny.” or “What do you have complain about.” etc. etc.

Well, even if I have a skinny body, I can still have insecurities about my bodies. When I wore that dress, I felt pretty great until I realized how loose the top was. And it made me feel bad because obviously the dress is made for a women with more cleavage than I do. And I thought it would fit me, since it’s a size small. And it didn’t. And knowing how guys can be, I felt unattractive because the less amount of cleavage or butt that I may have.

The second comment comes from another mental health friend, Caitlin;

I appreciate your honesty. – Caitlin

Well, it was very hard to come out and say that so openly. But I was feel so bad about myself and I just let it out through social media. And I was a little afraid of the comments that I would get, if I got any at all. And I’m really happen that I have amazing followers/friends who love and support me like they do. So thank you for all the love, support and comments!

The next comment was from another one of my followers;

“Girl you are stunning! Just remember we are all different shapes and for me, as a curvy chick, j can’t wear certain types of clothes that slim women like you would look incredible – we aren’t all going to look incredible in the same things! BUT I do think the dress looks amazing!!!! I think you could get tho top altered to fit and it would be incredible! 💋” – The Art of Self Love

This comment really meant a lot, and I think that clothing shouldn’t be made or tailored to fit certain body types. All body types are beautiful and a women should be able to wear what they want to, what makes them feel comfortable, beautiful and sexy in.

Who cares what society says. Who cares if society says you can’t wear a crop top or whatever else because you’re not “skinny,” forget that!

Wear what makes YOU feel amazing in, because when you think you look amazing… you look absolutely stunning in, not just amazing! And that betters your self love and self confident.

So yeah, maybe I don’t have the body type that society desires… and yeah, maybe that top of the dress was too loose.

But I besides that, I look fantastic! And I’m going to make it work. Because I am beautiful, regardless if my body or looks aren’t up to society’s standards of beauty or sexy.

Forget Society! You are beautiful, You are amazing, you are sexy and you are worthy!

Keep it beautiful, keep being you and always remember…

Keep it dorky!

With lots of love,




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